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Visiting a cemetery

TKJ strives to enhance the quality of life for each client. Our programs teach our residents to be involved in all aspects of daily life such as community activities, making menus, cooking, routines, leisure time activities, hobbies, personal interests, house decoration, clothing, and social contacts. Our trained staff will educate our clients to make and communicate choices in day-to-day life through pictures, icons, photographs, visual calendars, and verbal assistance.

We understand that clients need to achieve independence where ever possible and we are always ready and willing to support them in these endeavors. Staff members train clients on how to use the public transportation system and how to establish relationships with family members, neighbors, and church members. These efforts have led to many of our clients enjoying close relationships with their families, becoming good neighbors to those living around them, and receiving callings and jobs in their churches. As clients become recognized members of their churches and neighborhoods clients enjoy social and emotional growth.

TKJ also assists its clients to arrange for the following needs:

  • Medical support (appointments, prescriptions, mobility equipment, etc.)
  • Employment training and placement
  • Professional counseling
  • Hospice services
  • Funeral plans

We provide support, involvement, staff, program planning, training, and behavioral assistance while striving to connect our clients with their families and relatives.