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Old remembrances were often more limiting, usually involved visits to gravesites. New ways to remember often allow for more creative in looking at the best way we can remember our loved ones and keep their memories and spirit alive. New unique ways don’t define a “right” or “wrong” way to remember a loved one.

Things to Consider in Remembrances:

1. What times or events to you want to remember or celebrate: anniversaries, birthdays, special holidays or times, everyday remembrances.

2. The person you are remembering and celebrating: what was their personality, what would they want you to do.

3. The people you are including in your remembrance: where are they at in the grief process, what is their personality, unique to you may be disrespectful to them, expect that some people close to the person may not be able to participate.

4. The circumstances surrounding the passing the loved one: age of person, expected or unexpected passing, situation of the death.

Ways We Can Remember:

· Sharing Their “Story”: online memories or blogs, photo albums, journals, funny stories about the person

· Activities: doing things the person enjoyed, going to their favorite places or restaurants, doing activities that invoke positive memories or things you enjoyed together, cookbook, balloon release

· Mementos: tangible objects that remind us of the person we love – jewelry, special belongings, collectibles, quilts, ornaments, clothing, etc.

· Permanent Memorials: gravesite, mausoleum or memorial spot, bench, plant a tree, garden stone, memorial markers.

· Charitable Donation: donation made in the person’s name to a program, organization or a project they support in their memory

There is no right or wrong way to remember a loved one. It is dictated by us, our loved one and how the remembrance makes us feel.